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Date 05/06/21 - 13:27
Author CPAD

WHEN: OCTOBER 3-5, 2019

AgriLink is the agribusiness exhibition and seminars organized by the Foundation for Resource Linkage & Development, annually in October. From its first show in 1994, it is quickly bacame the Philippine’s largest annual international agribusiness event, attracting hundreds of exhibitors and the highest number of visitors. A good number of foreign or international companies from the France, China, Korea, USA, Germany, Thailand, Netherlands and other Asian countries were among the exhibitors. Visitors consisted of entrepreneurs and professionals in animal breeding, machinery and equipment, animal health and nutrition, aquaculture, grains, oganic farming, horticulture, among others.

AgriLink is divided into the exhibition component and hosted activities such as focused crop sector meeting with the secretary of Agricutlure, seminars and workshops. AgriLink also serves as a venue for the leaders of the agribusiness to come together and dialogue with the top leaders of the country, including the Philippine President, the leaders and members of the Philippine Senate and House of Representatives, as well as the members of the Philippine Cabinet. Over 30 agribusiness associations and institutions participate annually as co-organizers of Agrilink. Their inputs serve to determine schedule of exhibit activities and seminar topics and the existence of priority concerns and problems in difference crop sectors which need to be discussed with the Dept. of Agriculture secretary.